After an injury or accident, the last step a victim should take is to put their case’s outcome into the wrong attorney’s hands. In this quick guide, potential clients will get some simple tips on finding a trustworthy injury lawyer.

Identify the Need

The nature of a person’s case determines the kind of attorney they need. Most injury lawyers can handle minor accidents, but cases involving severe injury or death should be handled by experienced attorneys with strong histories. Insurers consider a lawyer’s reputation when making settlement offers, and an attorney with a willingness to go to trial may be able to secure a larger award.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask family, friends, and others in the community for accident attorney recommendations. Positive word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertisement, and satisfied customers are usually willing to share their experiences.

Look at Multiple Firms

Initial consultations are typically free, which makes it easy for potential clients to interview multiple lawyers. If a person has a solid case, the attorney may come to their home or hospital room for the first meeting.

Don’t Be Distracted by Advertisements

Most personal injury attorneys are ethical and honest, but flashy advertisements are often used to conceal deceptive business practices. Just because an attorney can afford TV ads and a slickly designed website, doesn’t mean they will provide a high level of service. By basing hiring decisions on lawyers’ individual merits rather than their marketing practices, clients are more likely to find the right firm for their cases.

Find Out Who Will Work On the Case

As is typically the case with larger law firms, one may think they’re hiring a certain attorney, but someone else takes the case. In many cases, interns, associates, junior partners, or paralegals are the ones doing all the work. Any time a different attorney takes the case, the client should be made aware of the change.

These tips can simplify the selection process by telling first-time clients what to look for in an injury attorney. For more details or to schedule a consultation with a local firm, call today or visit the website.