Ideally, workers compensation benefits would create a situation that is mutually beneficial for employees and employers. Employees get a form of wage insurance that ensures that they can recover from injuries that they suffer in the workplace without falling behind on their bills or losing their jobs. Employers are provided with a way to settle injuries without ending up being sued for negligence or other causes. Unfortunately, people sometimes turn down a win/win situation for unfair reasons.

Stubborn Employers

There are employers out there who will do everything they can to avoid paying any workers compensation claim that is filed with them. In these cases, finding a Chicago workers compensation attorney may be the only way you’ll ever get the benefits you’re due.

A workers compensation attorney in Chicago can take a look at your case and see if you should’ve received benefits but were denied them for one reason or another. There are cases where the employer may have simply not understood their obligations to you and where they may have turned down the claim simply because of not understanding. There are other cases where employers will try to cheat employees out of workers compensation benefits, fire the employee and hire someone else out of simple greed.

Workers compensation attorneys in Chicago work with people from all different types of industries. No matter where you work, there will be specific safety regulations that apply to your workplace and there will be specific, legally defined recourses that the employee has and that the employer has to deal with situations such as injuries on the job. Among these is workers compensation insurance. There are safeguards built into the system that, if you are not paid the benefits you are due in the first place, you may not have been availed of, either.

No Firing

It’s illegal for an employer to fire you simply because you filed a workers compensation claim. If you believe that you have been fired because you did try to claim benefits for an injury that you suffered on the job, you should definitely speak with a Chicago workers compensation attorney.

Some people are in better situations in this regard than others are. For example, if you have a union representative that can help you deal with your employer then you may have a little bit of insulation from the worst that employers can visit upon you. Many employees do not have this luxury, however. Sometimes, finding a workers compensation attorney in Chicago is the only way that a worker being cheated of their benefits will ever be able to resolve the situation satisfactorily.

Talking to an attorney is generally free and will be able to tell you whether it seems like you have a good case on your hands after meeting you. If they do think that you should go ahead and file a lawsuit over your benefits, ask them if they’d be willing to do so on contingency. This will allow you to proceed without any legal bills unless you win your claim.